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Brennagh Meehan (b.1996) is a visual artist, a recent graduate from Belfast School of Art that studied Fine Art, Sculpture. A multidisciplinary artist that uses performance, sculpture, poetry and sound within her current creative practise.

As an artist, my practice investigates the everyday, exploring elements from my domestic life, domestic objects, relationships and conversation’s that all centre as an expression of memories and vulnerability around the subject of grief.

I blur the line between private and public spaces, using domestic objects to signify myself and my grandmother. Within my practice I experiment with turning the familiar into something a little strange and visibly unfunctional for the practicality of the everyday.


My current work is a 'built' bedroom environment that I found myself feeling emotionally drained while I watched the different stages of my grandmother's illness and the discomfort to the what should be 'a comfortable environment' with objects that are commodious such as, a bed and a pillow. I played with these ‘commodious’ objects transforming them into hard, discomforting sculptures that triggered a feeling of nostalgia. The banal objects in their original state are relatable to the everyday however in the built environment they become an unfunctional talking point, as you begin to question the comfort of objects that are supposed to be ‘soft, cosy, relaxing and cushy’ but over time they become hard, uneasy and unpleasantly discomforting.


The intimate space of a bedroom has been a space that I had many conversations with my grandmother that developed into performances, kinetic sculptures, sound installations and poetry. By using ordinary banal household objects as a form of communication I create a dialogue, creating a space in which they speak to one another, through kinetic sculpture and spoken word performance poetry the present objects have their own conversation, all in remembrance. 


The process of each object and its placement becomes a central component of my practice. I demonstrate a visual story, with the use of particular materials working of one another to form an ongoing conversation.